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General Wellness

Discover how naturopathic medicine can help you get to the root of your condition to restore balance and long term health.


"Make peace with your broken pieces."

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing with a focus on healing the root cause of a disease, rather than simply its symptoms and treating the patient as a whole.


Naturopathy combines natural methods of healing through food, dietary and lifestyle advice, supplementation recommendations, herbal medicine and flower essences and combines it with modern evidence-based approaches to assess, treat and improve overall wellness.


All aspects of the patient’s health are taken into consideration when assessing and treating health conditions, this includes their mental, physical, emotional states along with any lifestyle and environmental factors.


Prevention is a fundamental element in promoting good health and therefore Naturopathy can help everyone, not just those experiencing acute or chronic conditions, and is suitable for all ages.

Our Approach



Your healing journey begins with you sharing your story on your physical condition and/or mental-emotional wellbeing, and a clear understanding of your health goals.



Your health history is thoroughly reviewed, and to guide us towards the best treatment options, we may recommend functional tests that can provide insight into your unique biochemistry.



Strategic health plan options and next steps are then discussed in detail so that you can choose one that you are comfortable with, ready for, and is in your best interest.



Post-consult, you will receive a customised info kit with your concise dietary and lifestyle action plan. Private mind-spirit healing and self-care workshops are also available to you.

What to Expect




Never seen a naturopath before? No worries. Let us walk you through the process step-by-step:

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To best serve our clients, we believe in being time-efficient. The process begins even before we meet. Consultation forms are filled with clarity in your own time and reviewed prior to your first visit; leaving us lots of time during the consultation to go through findings and recommendations.

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02. Evaluate

Whilst important, standard blood tests don't always detect subtle changes in the body before a full blown disease is identified. Functional tests are a proactive way to uncover any biochemical imbalances that are affecting your wellbeing, and help to drive treatment towards the real cause. 

03. Remedy

After extensive analysis of your health history and test results, our naturopath points out underlying imbalances and provides bespoke solutions for resolving them. This typically includes dietary, supplement & lifestyle recommendations, which are compiled into a comprehensive post-consult report for your easy reference.


04. Empower

Poorly managed negative thoughts and emotions create chronic stress and affect our health. Beyond addressing your physical conditions, we offer a range of tools to help support your mental and emotional wellbeing in the hopes of helping you find long-lasting health, happiness and contentment.

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Our Consultation Fees

Initial consultation fee (90 -120 min): from $300

Follow up consultation fee: from $200



Practitioner Grade Supplements: avg $40-60/bottle

Functional Tests: See guide here.

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