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Back in 2016, I turned 40. Eeeks, must admit it, I am well and truly middle-aged now. Which is ok, but what I found unacceptable was that peers my age were starting to contract one health condition or other – diabetes, high blood pressure, unexplained autoimmune diseases, and unfortunately, even cancer. Every third person I hung out with was also struggling with weight loss.

I asked myself how can this be? Diseases which just one generation ago afflicting people in their 60s is now getting commonplace in people in their 30s to 40s. Ironically when health and wellness is on the uptrend no? Acai cafes, famers’ markets, pop up yoga, lifestyle workshops and health food stores abound – everyone wants a slice of the wellness pie. So why is the population as a whole getting sicker? Not to mention more stressed out and unhappier.

Naturopath, Nutritionist an Mindful Eating Coach Tiffany Wee

Then I realised that the surge in online information and real-life offerings is the double-edged sword. There are so many options that as a consumer, you are overwhelmed and overloaded. What’s worse is that there’s often conflicting opinions and endless debates, and you don’t know what advice to take or what to believe anymore. 

I knew then that’s where I can value add. Having graduated as an Australian trained naturopath and consulting clients for a myriad of health afflictions for the last 15 years, I can help you siphon out the fact from fiction. Through in-depth health history-taking and functional tests, I help you elicit the root cause of your health conditions, and work with you at your pace to devise a personalized treatment plan that is right for you.  

With Mind Body Shine, it is my wish to help clients better understand the gaps in their diet, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing which are counter-productive to their goals and by rebalancing those areas, resolve health afflictions, achieve an optimal state of vitality and develop a strong sense of self-love, deep joy and inner peace. So stop second-guessing; come meet me and find out how you can truly be the best version of yourself today. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

About Tiffany


Born in Singapore and trained in Australia, Tiffany has practiced within a myriad of

multi-disciplinary wholistic resorts and clinics since 2005, including world-renowned health

establishments like Chiva Som Thailand, Conrad Maldives, ESPA, Verita and Balanced Living.


She is much sought after as a presenter on nutrition topics with corporate clients like

Aveda, Metro, ION Orchard, PayPal and TripAdvisor and is a regular contributor

to RUN, the only running magazine in Singapore.

Tiffany also runs a busy private practice where she specializes with passion in weight-loss.

She is recognised and much loved by her clients for her warmth, efficiency and expertise

in helping them achieve their individual health and wellness goals.


Believing firmly in the mind-body connection, Tiffany also practices Reiki and is the

first in Asia to train in and offer UCSD’s Mindful Eating course.



*Remote Consultations are Available

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