Corporate Wellness

Partnering with you to build

healthy winning teams


Imagine if you could have a Healthy, Engaged and Motivated team that took action and achieved results for your business AND thrived physically and mentally!

Mind Body Shine partners with organisations to improve Employee Wellbeing and to take staff

from 'burnout' to feeling VIBRANT, HEALTHY and MOTIVATED. Having worked with many, we understand there isn’t a ‘one-size-fit’s all’ solution which is why we offer bespoke nutrition focused wellness initiatives tailored to your employees' needs.


Tiffany's extensive training in nutrition, mindfulness and general health and wellness, and vast experience

within the corporate wellness sector, enables us to provide engaging and trustworthy programmes.

Each programme is tailored to client’s requirements in order to achieve maximum results.


Some examples of what can be included within nutrition focused workplace wellness initiatives include:

Nutrition Lunch + Learns

Interactive and engaging seminars covering key topics in relation to health and wellness. Employees can pop in on their lunch break and learn how to boost productivity and success through good nutrition. Key topics covered include how to eat for brain power, mood and even energy. Lunch and learns are bespoke and provide practical strategies to empower employees to lead a healthy and successful lifestyle.

Practical Workshops

A chance for busy employees to put knowledge into practice. On average, we consume 60% of our food at work and our choices can make or break whether we experience a high energy day! These workshops break down the barrier between ‘lack of time’ and creating nourishing meals. Employees will leave full of inspiration to replicate easy recipe ideas in the workplace or at home.

Workplace Clinic Days + Health Mot’s

Personalised nutrition advice for employees, Lily provides 30 minute express nutrition consultations to enhance health and productivity. It’s recommended to carry out at health MOT on a yearly basis which includes advanced testing to identify common nutritional deficiencies.

Nutritional Nudging

With an undergraduate degree in food science and human nutrition, I can provide a nutritional analysis of food and drink at the onsite restaurant and canteen, along with guidance on practical change. Creating an environment which harbours change is key to the success of any workplace wellness program. I will assess the barriers to change and develop tailor made strategies and materials to increase compliance.

The key benefits to your business include;

  • Less absenteeism;

  • More engaged staff;

  • Increased productivity;

  • Retain existing employees;

  • Improved work performance;

  • Prevention of chronic disease;

  • Become an Employer of Choice;

  • Positive impact on the culture of your Organisation;

  • Improved mental health and resilience;

  • Save money and reduce costs associated with sick leave;

  • Attract quality employees who value their health and wellbeing

Let’s discuss how we can help you create a thriving culture of wellness in your workplace.


*Remote Consultations are Available

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