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Mind Body Slim

There's so much self-deprecation around weight loss. Discover a gentle, self-loving way to reach your ideal weight and body safely and effectively.

Wellness Coach


"She believed she could, so she did."

What Are You Really Hungry For?

Like any other health condition, here at Mind Body Shine we look at excessive weight from a functional perspective. i.e. it is not just about how much you eat or exercise. There are many underlying physical, mental and even emotional imbalances that can impede weight loss. Without addressing them, your efforts are often futile.


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what drives you to overeat? Only by resolving these core reasons - be it a hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency or an emotional emptiness - will we be able to help you shed the pounds permanently.


A Holistic Approach

to Weight Loss

This is the reason why beyond nutritional and dietary components, our unique weight loss and detox program Mind Body Slim also includes intuitive eating and energy healing modalities to equip you with the lifelong ability to take care of yourself.


It is our hope that through this 8-week journey, you lose the weight and find yourself; and in doing so, regain your self-worth, self-confidence and feel light in body, heart and soul.

Why Mind Body Slim?


Lose 7-10kg in 3 weeks without prescriptions, purchasing expensive food or shakes,
counting calories or excessive exercise.


Have You Had Enough of Dieting With No Results?

Have you tried everything to lose weight, with little success?

Are you sick of being hungry, losing a few kilograms, and gaining them right back?

The Mind Body Shine weight loss and detox program may just be your answer.
Its groundbreaking Transformation Diet And Fat Burning Drops
make losing weight - and keeping it off - easy!

Weight Management is our business, and we do it well. You want to lose the weight and you want to keep it off. This is your answer. Using a natural and holistic weight-loss method, our typical clients easily lose an average of 10kg or more in a month. Closely monitored by an Australian-trained naturopath, your weight-loss journey also resets your palate and metabolism. You will get reacquainted with your body and be equipped with tools and knowledge to confidently maintain your weight post-program. 

Our approach is to first build the foundation for improving your metabolism, and then add personal recommendations where necessary to help you reach your healthy and optimal weight. This approach delivers rapid weight loss and effectively restores core balance for long-term weight maintenance.


Studies show a 20-40% increase in risk of death from any source if you are 20% overweight.

And that risk increases substantially - up to 250% more - if you are 20% over optimal body weight!



What is unique about the Mind Body Shine weight loss program?

  • It helps you identify the underlying imbalances that may be impeding your weight loss.

  •  It rectifies the dietary mistakes you may unknowingly have committed to sabotage your weight-loss efforts.

  • It helps to reset your metabolism – often the reason you do not see results despite your efforts. Resetting your metabolism also helps you to easily maintain weight loss after the program has ended.

  • It equips you with the most up-to-date nutritional knowledge and the confidence to make sound dietary decisions post-program to maintain your new weight.

  • It helps you recognise the mental and emotional triggers for eating and provides practical tools to help you overcome them without turning to food.

  • It includes weekly access to your own personal Australian-trained naturopath for the entire program to help answer all your questions and guide you to results.






“Hi Tiffany, thanks for being there for me, especially when I travel almost every week and you respond to my question and doubts always immediately with tons of informative tips.

I have not dropped weight this quickly since my high school days and it is amazing!
Always feel inspired with your encouragement."


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