Harnessing universal energy for heart-mind-body balance


Worldwide, more and more functional medicine and wellness facilities are using this traditional
Eastern healing treatment in response to the growing understanding of Reiki
as a powerful non-intrusive tool for health and longevity.


Reiki is a form of "hands-on-healing" in which the practitioner works with universal life force energy
to restore the client's energy centres (chakras) to their most natural state of flow.


Reiki treatments do not require muscle-kneading massage or any physical contact whatsoever.
In the session, the completely passive and reclined client instinctively draws the universal Reiki,
or spiritual energy, through the practitioner. This process helps to restore and strengthen
the whole system for optimal wellbeing.

By initiating deep relaxation, Reiki helps to relax the body, calm the mind and ease the spirit.
It is great for anyone seeking relief from ailments such as fatigue, stress, insomnia,
physical pain, anxiety, arthritis, depression and fibromyalgia.

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