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Mind & Spirit

Discover how healing tools like reiki, mindfulness and flower essences can help still your mind and uplift your spirit.


"The best cure for the body is a quiet mind."

Cultivate Connection.

Create Ease. Transform. Heal.

At the heart of Mind Body Shine lies the central philosophy that within each individual is the limitless potential for self-transformation, and self healing.

Beyond looking at your physical conditions, we address mental-emotional imbalances to elicit deep and sustained healing. In recognizing you as a whole person with mind, body and spirit, we are dedicated to the compassionate art of Energy Healing with Mindfulness-Meditation, Reiki and Flower Essences.

Reconnect with Yourself


Stillness Speaks

When we are not mindful, life slips away and affects the quality of all of our experiences, from our interactions with others to our relationship with ourselves.


Through mindfulness, we can start to live in the moment and develop a sense of peace, joy and happiness that is readily available to us.

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Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Energy Healing

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful energy healing method, which treats the whole individual by restoring balance and harmony at the deepest level.


By removing mental and emotional blockages, reiki also calms the mind, eases the spirit and accelerates personal growth and healing.

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Flower Essences

Nature Heals

All plants have a unique vibrational energy pattern, and flower essences are infusions that carry these healing vibrations.

They act as catalysts; through its use, we can connect deeply with nature and our inner wisdom to bring about profound change on a soul level.

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