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Women Wellness

Helping you achieve mind-body radiance from the inside out.

A Holistic Approach to Women's Health Care         


At Mind Body Shine, we understand that Women’s Health is a uniquely delicate field of healthcare. We give women what they want – respect, personalised care and plenty of space and time for healing to take place.


You will be treated as an individual and supported in every way no matter your situation. Your options will all be carefully explained. Your practitioner will not rush through your appointment. You will enjoy the best of care, from the first phone call through every visit and follow-up.

Whether you are encountering menstrual abnormalities in the teenage years, infertility after marriage, menopausal problems later in life, or just hoping to find solutions to look your best at every stage of your life, we will give you undivided attention to help end puzzling health symptoms and address all your health, beauty and wellness needs.

What female concerns and conditions may the holistic approach help with?

  • Natural Fertility

Treat current and chronic health conditions naturally so you can start your pregnancy free from prescription medications.

  • Cysts and Fibroids

Understand the root causes that may be contributing to these abnormal growths and treat or prevent future occurrence using nutritional and herbal remedies.

  • Vaginal Health

Naturopathic medicine is excellent at treating common vaginal infections, acute or recurrent. Avoid constant exposure to antibiotics and get relief today.  

  • PMS

Is your monthly cycle disrupting your life? Naturally treat PMS so you can safely and effectively be free of uncomfortable monthly symptoms.

  • Menopause Management

Experience a full assessment of your health history, current symptoms and start, enter or end menopause gracefully and comfortably.

  • Bone Health

Taking the wrong kind of calcium could in fact increase the risk of osteoporosis. Learn to maintain or restore optimal bone health with the correct nutrition and lifestyle measures.

  • Natural Beauty

Beauty starts from within. Don't let your age determine your appearance. Defy your age and look your best by balancing your hormones and pro-actively boosting skin, hair and nails.

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