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Life is fleeting. Choose happy now.

Slow Down

If you are reading this, it's probably because deep down you know there's a more authentic and joyful version of yourself that is waiting to be recovered and revealed.

And you have tried but at times, it gets too overwhelming and you don't know where to turn. That is ok. Life's too short to beat yourself up.

Choose happy, not perfect.

At Mind Body Shine, we understand that it takes effort and time to change. We work at your pace, in whatever way is comfortable for you.

Come discover a kinder, more compassionate way of self-care that helps you get to where you want to be... day at a time.


Wellness from Within

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You only need to put your hand to your heart to recognise the miracle that your body is; an integrated system designed to heal itself. That is, if you are in a state of flow, and in balance with nature.

With the busyness of modern day life, we tend to forget to tune into and nourish ourselves, and over time, fall victim to biochemical, environmental and emotional stress.

Here at Mind Body Shine, we help you trace the root of your condition, and in so doing, reconnect with yourself, re-balance and find true healing and sustained wellness.

Our goal: To help you take stock, remember the wonderful being that you are and empower you to shine.


The condition you come through the door with is but the beginning... we hope for you to heal deeply from within so you can reclaim your authentic self and live out your life, profoundly fulfilled.

Our body sends us signals that it is not at ease. But our body is not the enemy. It's simply trying to remind us to pause, and take care of ourselves. Are you listening?


"I choose to make the rest of my life, the best of my life."

Investigative or Intuitive

The way we reached our personal state of dis-ease is different; so naturally should the way we bring ourselves back to a state of equilibrium.

At Mind Body Shine, we honour your individuality and inner wisdom, and we respect your choices.

Some operate from a more logical, scientific perspective while others instinctively listen to their hearts.

That is why we have carefully curated a compendium of best-in-class lab tests and pharmaceutical grade supplements, alongside healing arts like botanical medicine, mindfulness coaching and reiki healing. 

So whether you resonate more with an investigative approach or an intuitive one, we will craft out a bespoke healing journey that is entirely your cup of tea.

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Our Services

Eating Salad

Mind Body Slim

Slimming is our business,

and we do it well. Using a safe and natural method that emphasizes self-care and self-love, our clients lose an average of 10kg in a month, and more importantly, acquire tools to stay lean for life.  

Herbal Remedies

General Wellness

Whether you have a specific health concern, or just wish to improve on your general wellbeing, we are here to help you learn more about your body and the role naturopathic and functional medicine has in optimising your health.

Reiki Treatment

Mind & Spirit

Healing is complete only when our mind, body and spirit are aligned. Mindfulness helps us quiet our minds to commune deeply with ourselves; reiki and flower essences connects us to our core and facilitates healing in an instinctive way.

Tiffany has been a great partner to me in my wellness journey. I truly feel like she took a close and attentive look at my profile and came up with a clear cut solution plan that was not too overwhelming. I never got the impression that she was trying to push products on me or that she was pressuring me to come in for unnecessary follow up appointments; which is the feeling I have had at other wellness centers. She was willing to work with me to find a streamlined plan that was easy to follow using a good mix of food/dietary changes as well as supplements. What I love about working with Tiffany as well, is her availability and prompt responses to all of my email questions (which I have many). Thanks Tiffany

Andrea Reichert

What Clients Say

In short, I lost 10.3kg in 1 month. It has been many years since I have been this light! The program also detoxes and resets my body so I crave less food, my face is less oily and I feel more energetic and less bloated overall. Plus, who doesn’t love to see the daily weight drop and sculpting of body?


Tiffany is a gem. She lovingly

brings both her expertise as well as emotional support to the program. Being able to get real-time responses has helped address any challenges/queries I have quickly and course correct immediately. I would recommend anyone who has tried everything and struggled for so long to go for Tiffany’s program.

Mardiana Aziz

I have seen a few naturopaths in the past; what sets YOU apart is your approach is so holistic. Beyond focusing on the physical symptoms; you take into consideration ALL planes of experience and then hone in on what the real issue could be. Your assessment therefore was so spot on and shockingly effective! By diligently following your advice - I feel like a whole new person! The first time I met you I pleaded, "I hope you are the answer to my prayers!" And in so many ways you are! The genuineness of your aura, your heartfelt interest in helping people get to the peak of their human experience go a long way to help many reach their full potential. God bless you and your work!

Avanti Kundalia

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