There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness. - Edward Bach


The following are teachers, each a master in their own field, who I am blessed to have met and am honoured to partner with, to guide you on your journey towards true and

complete healing.  


About Darius

Darius is the Chief Practitioner of Radiant Wellness Centre, a centre offering holistic healing. He has learnt many different energy psychology and energy medicine techniques and created his own system of healing known as Medical Intuition System (MIS). He has written a book "Cracking the Disease Code: Revealing Disease Causes, From Spiritual to Physical".

What He Does & How It Can Help
Darius provides a comprehensive approach to assessment and therapy for weight loss and management using Applied Kinesiology. Your body provides vital information which a trained practitioner can pick up based on how your muscles respond to various stressors. During a session, Darius looks particularly at non-physical causes like thoughts, emotions and inherited issues, and how they can impede weight loss or weight management. For example, weight gain and loss could be linked to body image issues, low self-esteem or emotional eating. These issues are worked on in the session.




Website: singaporenaturalremedies.com

Tel: 65-94757950


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~ Proverb ~


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Black Paint
Black Paint

Natural & Organic Skincare from Kyoto, Japan. Achieve naturally healthy skin by balancing your skin's natural microflora. blackpaint.sg

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Food from thought. It's about food that is good in every way. Popaganda produces delicious, all-natural frozen sorbet treats in a community friendly and sustainable way. www.popaganda.com.sg

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Neis Haus
Neis Haus

We sell and distribute a select range of eco-friendly and chemical-free products that make our family happy, and we hope you find something here that can make you happy too! www.neishaus.com.sg

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